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Archipelagic Dryland Center of Excellence (CoE-ALRIC) is a scientific and technological center of excellence established to support Core Scientific Model of Nusa Cendana University, i.e. Archipelagic Dryland. East Nusa Tenggara Province is the only archipelagic region in Indonesia, which has a semi-arid climate type and is dominated by dryland. Archipelagic Dryland is, therefore, established as the Core Scientific Model as well as a comparative advantage of Nusa Cendana Uniersity. Numerous scientific studies related to development of archipelagic dryland have been carried out by experts from the Nusa Cendana University and other relevant research institutions in the region, aiming at generating technology and innovation for the development of dryland archipelagic region, especially East Nusa Tenggara Province. The studies cover many aspects Dryland Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Agriculture. The research outputs/products have been captured from various sources/resource persons and are prepared in publishable forms for public/related stakeholder’s consumption such as: leaflets, booklets, policy brief, technical reviews, and publications in scientific journals.

The research products can be downloaded in the followings: